Monday, May 10, 2010

No change is...ok I guess.

So I posted I was having issues, still no word on J. Her husband is being a dickwad (pardon my ... uhh French? lol) and he's blocked out my family from the hospital. It's not the first time he's been an asshat to our family, and so my uncle is supposed to go to Rockford today because you cannot legally exclude the biological parents from knowing the status of their daughter or something like that. Should I see him when I go in July I will give him a swift kick in the nads for being a dickhead!

Anyway, so regardless, knowing that I was having some emotional eating issues, I actually expected to be up today but I wasn't. I must've lost some and then gained it back. Oh well, such is life. I will do better next week. The nice thing about being broke? You can't go buy more munchies when you run out right! lol. Curse D and his need for munchies in the house to begin with...

So instead of focusing on the bad, which I've had more than enough lately kthxbai, I am turning to the good. Such as my upcoming vacation! lol. Ok so it's like 2 months away but I'm still stoked! I haven't been home (Illinois) for more than a day in over a year, and that's hard when I am very close to my extended family and they all lived in a 20 mile radius from me while growing up. Said vacation requires an airplane ride, which, if I don't lose some weight, will require a belt extender. I didn't have a good restart week, at all. I didn't exercise really, I did eat a little better but not as good as I could have, and especially over the weekend which I completely blew my diet. So despite the bad things happening right now I need to refocus and get to work.

By the way, just to throw this out there: I hate my bed. I really need a new one >.< The whole waking up every morning stiff and sore sucks!

But now I need to get back to work, I'll post more in a bit.

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