Friday, May 14, 2010

I don't normally do this but.....

I don't normally weigh myself on a non-weigh day. I try to keep to my once a week weighing so I'm not getting all uppity if the scale is slightly up one day and the plummets the next due to salt intake or whatever. But you know, I've really really worked hard this week. Tuesday all the stupid eating I did from when J was in the hospital finally showed up on the scale and honestly I was up to 276.something. Might've been salt weight, or you know the pan of brownies or couple of cupcakes and whatever else stupid shit I ate over the weekend. I was so frustrated that I gained 3 pounds seemingly overnight from Monday to Tuesday! So I got back on point, and started eating much better and keeping track of it and vowed to not look at the scale for a few days. And I didn't! I kept a food log, and pretty much every day I came in between 1700 and 1800 calories a day which is where I want to be. I'd love to be under 1700 per day but usually my just over 1700 comes in the form of a fruit cup, or an apple or whatever, so it's not like that extra 100 calories is "bad food". And if I'm losing, all the better!

Anyway, so I stepped on the scale this morning to see how I was doing because I noticed yesterday that my pants for work seemed to be fitting about the way they were before I starting gaining a little back and it said 271.2. I think if I hadn't been near the sink I may have fallen over. That means that from Tuesday I'd lost almost 5 pounds? Crazy. And this weekend I have a long laundry list of things "to do" that involve a lot of lifting, moving and with some good music probably dancing where no one can see me (I love to dance, I'm just too big to do it gracefully rofl). I have an entire house to overhaul and scrub down and when I do such cleaning I do it all by hand. Meaning I don't mop the floor, I get down on the floor and scrub it by hand, gets up all the crap your mop just can't do. Things like that. So I'm sure I'll keep my downward trend through to Monday.

You know what's really helped me this week? We have nothing in the house. rofl. I don't get paid until Monday, and D's gonna go with me to get a few groceries tonight so we can have food for dinner and such, but there's really no major munchies in the house. Nor are there really any snack type things I can eat except fruit cups. So I do. I have found my new best friend when it comes to my "dessert" that I seem to enjoy having after dinner, which is a black cherry mixed fruit jello cup. It's just sweet enough to curb that sweet tooth, it is 120 calories if I remember right, and it has fruit in it to boot! Having that fruit cup makes it to where I stop prowling in the kitchen looking for something to eat after dinner. That single solitary cup has been my key to 1700 to 1800 calories per day! Plus, if I'm not careful, I sometimes don't realize it and go WAY under my daily calories, not on purpose, I just get into this mode where I'll be rummaging around in the house for food and be like you're not hungry go sit back down, when in fact I AM hungry and when I tally up my calories and such for the day I end up at like 1200 or something insanely low. That usually happens on the weekends, not so much during the week for some reason. I guess because I'm home all day and worried about overeating. It's a real struggle for me, I'm always hungry no matter how good I eat, no matter how much protien in my diet, or eating small amounts all day I could easily eat a huge meal and still go looking for more in the cupboards. It's a constant fight to not eat constantly!

Anyway, so that's that. I just woke up, I way overslept today but evidently I needed the sleep so no worries there. It's 10:45ish am and I have a lot to do, so ....

Until next time!

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