Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Let the Craziness begin!

So I posted a quick blurb that some major shit was going down on Monday and then disappeared on everyone Tuesday. I apologize. I shall be disappearing again here in about an hour and won't be back for a few days at the least. I told my boss yesterday morning that I was unable to work part time and would that it would need to be my last day yesterday and the look on his face was priceless. I think it may have hit him out stupid his idea was and now he's out an extremely good employee that was crucial to his switching to fully electronic records. His loss I guess.

I think what frustrated me was, you know I worked really hard to keep them in touch with what was going on. They knew I was looking for another job because 1) I needed something that would give me the experience I need in order to get an administrative job and 2) I wanted to move out by my mom. And yes they were nice enough to offer me to split my full time job with Anne the part time receptionist they hired so I wouldn't be completely without a job, but I would get like just about 20 hours a week, maybe even less than that, and we pay too much to live up here as it is. So I made the decision to move to Arizona because my mom's gone so we can stay at her place for 2 months give or take a little while she's visiting family in Illinois, and just really look for something out there. I have a possibility or two through a temporary and temp to hire place that I'd talked to prior to all this. Perhaps, if nothing else, I can land some temp jobs out there that'll help to offset all the spending vs the no income thing. So today I'm going to get to packing, here when I wake up a little more and after my shower. Fun fun. Have I mentioned I hate moving? lol.

Anyway, so I should jet. Just one more quick thing though. I'd forgotten to weigh in on Monday, and thought I'd do it Tuesday instead but because of all the shit hitting the fan I didn't get a chance. So I did this morning. I'm at 271.0. I have a feeling that by Monday I'll be in the 260's from all the running around, packing, lifting, hauling and so forth that I'll be doing. Here's to hoping at least something good comes out of all this bullshit.

Until next time.

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