Monday, March 16, 2009

Weigh in day again!

So being sick really messed with my weight loss. I lost 2.9, which is awesome, but not, by any means, in the way I would've liked to. 3 solid days of not being able to eat hardly anything had me down almost 6 pounds, some of which came back when I started eating and hydrating again, and I'm fine with that.

So I guess I hit my 5% mark last week and didn't notice. I had to get under 270 to hit it and I did. lol. Shows you how much I look at numbers eh? Only reason I knew I did was because I joined WW at 281, 4 pounds under my initial starting weight of 285. I put my weight in today and it flagged it as having lost 5%, which perked my curiosity to see when I actually hit it since I started this journey a little before I started WW.

I got to thinking yesterday about reasons I started all this, beyond just the "Oh I need to lose weight for my health" thing. I think it all started when I realized that yet again my clothes were getting too tight, and uncomfortable. I was going to walmart looking for clothes and 4x clothes were either too tight, or didn't seem to fall quite right, too short, or whatever, and I was depressed. I could barely get my seatbelt on without it feeling like a struggle. I was having to take my winter coat off before getting into my car in order to be able to wear my seatbelt. No more! I told myself. Yesterday I noticed that the shirt I was wearing was no longer showing my "stomach, it was just hanging off my shoulders. I noticed that I got into my car and buckled my seatbelt with my lighter spring jacket on instead of automatically taking it off. Life is good!

I went to Walmart yesterday needing to buy pants. Have you ever gone out, as someone losing weight to find clothes, knowing you've probably dropped a pant size or two but still stick to that "oh I wear a such and such size" mentality? Yeah that was so me yesterday.

I wandered around Walmart, and everything I picked up I kept saying oh that's cute, it's a 4x it'll fit. I had about 5 things in my car and I hit the fitting room. First thing I did was try on these cute black pants with dark red thin pinstripes going down....they almost fell off me they were so big. Which actually sucks bad, I liked those pants and there was none in my size. Since I'd grabbed another pair at the same size of the same type only straight black, I didn't bother trying them on, they would be too big as well (I never did find any pants, Walmart's selection sucked, and I need new pants badly, the ones I have for work are so baggy I feel like a thug wearing them or something). Next I hit the 3 shirts I picked out. Two of the three were too big. The two that were too big were 4x as well, a 26/28 shirt. The other was a 3x that actually fit and the only reason I'd grabbed 3x was because there wasn't a 4x and the material was stretchy so I figured it might fit. The 3x is slightly uncomfortable, mostly because it's that type of material that hugs you and so I feel like I constantly need to be adjusting it. But I bought it anyway, knowing that soon it'll fit perfectly. I'm wearing it today actually, at work. It's not easy finding clothing that fits, even with being down a size. Not because there's not much selection (which is true anyway but still) but because things don't seem to fit my body correctly. I tried on this one shirt, and at a 4x it was large around the stomach and such, but the way it went across my chest made it really tight and I didn't feel comfortable at all, so much so it took two seconds of it being on to say "Mmmm NO!" lol.

My legs hurt....and not just a little. I had an appointment at the Y yesterday with my trainer to go over nutrition and such and I had the bright idea of getting my cardio in for the day by walking... Right. So I walked, 1.3 miles to get to the Y but failed to realize how damn steep the hill is to get there. It took me 31 minutes to walk the 1.3 miles and by the time I got there my legs were on fire. I sat around a little waiting for her (I got there early) and then talking with her and you'd think on the way back home it'd be cake because it's all downhill, no my legs hurt sooo bad! It's like right at the hip joint! lol. D kept saying I looked like a duck trying to walk last night. I threw his new game cd holder at him roflmao.

Anyway so that's been my weekend. Eating right, exercising and just chillin'. Hope ya'll have a great day!



  1. Congrats on the loss....sorry you've been sick. Congrats on the size change, sorry you couldn't find any pants.

    You're doing great!

  2. I hate looking for clothes too. I hope that I am not in the size very long so I put in even less effort.

  3. It also seems like such a waste of money to buy clothes that you know in a couple of months probably won't fit anymore lol.

    Oh well, I'm going to keep looking...if I have to I'll look at the make of the pants I bought and order them online or something. I have a pair of 3x of these nice dress pants I bought a while back and I need more. They fit well and have pockets and look nice on me, so I'm hoping to find the same kind somewhere :)