Monday, March 2, 2009

Quite a bit better now!

So they still itch a bit and they're still a little tender but my feet are like 30 times better today than they were on Friday by far. On Friday they were getting worse, and I went to the doctor and got some medicated cream to use, and used it as soon as I get home, but much as you know, things always get worse before they start getting better and on Saturday I could barely walk on them. It was horrid. I put off my laundry doing and my grocery shopping because it hurt so bad to walk. Probably didn't help that I did a little bit of exercising on Saturday, despite how my feet hurt. Oh well.

But last night I actually got a full night's sleep (last 3 nights I've woke myself up scratching my feet), and woke up this morning and did the soak and cream and was able to slip my shoes on without going OWWWW, and haven't really had any problems here at work either. Hoozah!

So! Still on track with watching what I eat. I did have a nutritional counseling appointment, she suggested a visit to the land of salads but.....ugh I hate salads. It's such diet rabbit food! I'll try it but...we'll see. So despite problems exercising this weekend, I did manage to lose 1.6 pounds again this week, putting me to just under 271. Soon I'll say good bye to the 270's. I haven't been under 270 since my dad passed away in 2006. When he passed away I was 240 pounds, I quickly gained over 30 pounds in the following few months. Kind of hard to keep weight off if you're severely depressed and could care less about anything because one of your most supportive people in your life went bye bye.

Anyway, I need to get some homework done while I'm at work. I'm completly caught up for the manic monday that it is, which is a first, and am even ahead today, so a homeworking I will go! lol



  1. Agreed, salads are grody.

    Congrats on losing 1.6!

  2. I really appreciated your comment on my blog. I think we have a lot in common, in a way.

    Hey, I wrote a post on my blog about making a great salad about a week ago, where I said how I used to hate salads (rabbit food!)... if you didnt read it, check it out. Maybe there will be some ideas for salad you LIKE.

    Hope your feet get to feeling better soon :)