Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I've been sick since Monday. I've been going to work and such but I've felt soooo sick to my stomach. Just looking at food has been enough to make my stomach start to go "flip flop" and make me feel even more ill.

I am feeling just a tad better, not by much but I'm getting there. At least this morning I didn't wake up feeling like I had a hangover like I have the last couple of days. I've just been drinking lots of water for the most part....lots and lots. I went through almost 7 bottles of water yesterday, I usually struggle to drink 4 on weekdays but I felt soooo thirsty. I'm actually kind of excited for tonight. D's going to make dinner, I just got to go get the stuff from the store tonight, he wants to make some stuffed bell peppers. I'm down any day that he wants to make dinner lol.

As I've said before, he's extremly supportive of me losing weight. He knows the last couple of weeks I've just been swamped. Between working late (I worked until almost 6:30pm last night, did that at least twice last week), my master's degree house is a wreck, and the dishes are piling up (ugh), I just haven't had time to focus on me. There's been a couple of times when I ask him what he wants for dinner and he says he'll just go get something out for us and quickly disappears, then I am all like "zomg he's going to get me some fast food crap that I can't have!" but he comes back with like...Subway. Such a sweetheart.

Being sick sucks when it comes to the scale though. I'm down 1.3 since Monday yet I know when I get over whatever it is that I have, it'll probably come back. Boo.

My trainer person from the Y gave me a couple of websites ya'll might be interested in. The first is a calorie tracker that I find much more...easy to use I guess than some others I've played with. It's called fitday ( There's a lot more features to use in it than some other free trackers. It has a mood tracker, good for tracking how you felt that day and if it coorelates to overeating or whatever, it's got a weight loss goal tracker, a weight tracker, body measurements tracker, food and activity tracker. I can put in my minigoal weights and look at it numberwise, or look at it graphically. It tells you what it thinks your resting calorie burn is based on your lifestyle, and then adds in your activities for the day to give you a roundabout calorie burn for the day vs. the intake. It's got a diary feature as well, so you can jot little notes to yourself (ie, today I was sick, or ... whatever, also useful for tracking trends). I've started, I think, to move away from WW. I think it helped me to get started, but there are things about WW I do not agree with, and makes no sense to me. For example. 1/2 a cup of fruit is 0 points, where a full cup is 2. ...double the fruit is 2 points when originally it was 0? Makes no sense. 0 + 0 does not equal 2.... Or another thing, 3 oz of boneless skinless chicken breast is 3 points, double it you get 6....right? wrong, it's something like 6.5 or something silly. WTF IS THAT! lol. Plus, another thing I don't like. Get a WW frozen meal for lunch 6 points but 800mg of sodium. Sodium means nothing in WW. I could eat a cup of fried rice for 8 points, or I could eat homemade fried rice for 8 points and the home made would have a ton less sodium than the restraunt style yet it's the same point value. MAKES NO SENSE TO ME!....

So...I'll wait until my subscription runs out and probably not continue it. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have had that beginning, but I don't think WW is for me in the long haul. I can see myself losing weight with them but then gaining it back once I finished...the whole "eat whatever you want" part doesn't sound right. I'm not saying I need to go gungho I can't eat anything but healthy in my life, but something doesn't seem right that I'm trying to lose weight but if I wanted to I could go have pizza hut. >.>

That being said, I do enjoy a nice night out now and again. Since this journey is supposed to be about a lifestyle change, not just a crash diet, I remind myself that nothing is "offlimits" to me, so long as I practice moderation. For example, a piece of cake at a birthday party is NOT offlimits. I just need to limit the size I eat, and/or exercise it off afterwards. A piece of pizza is NOT offlimits so long as it's just one piece, or isn't loaded with insane amounts of meat or something like that.

Basically, make healthy choices and keep the weight loss going or keep the weight off and still live life to the fullest. Nothing is more frustrating than to go to a party and realize that all the stuff there is self-induced "off limits" and results in cravings and binges. Now, I'm not one to binge, I never have been. At least not in the sense of some of the blogs I've read or anything. My weight is from a self-induced fear of exercising, my lifestyle of being a computer geek, and eating unhealthy foods like fastfood, greasy food, etc. But I do understand that sort of craving one can get that says I WANT THAT and no matter what you do you feel the urge to go out and get it! So I try to counteract my cravings by either having something small that's sweet or whatever if it's sweet I'm craving, or if it is something that's moderately unhealthy (like wanting a piece of cake at a birthday party) limiting how big it is.

It's all about lifestyle, and I keep reminding myself of that.

That was quite the ramble...anyway. The other website she gave me is called For those of you that track your weight every day, this is the place for you! You put your weight in each day and it does some averaging stuff to it and tells you what your body is actually doing. So, say you weigh yourself every day and your up one day down the next, etc, it'll average it out and tell you that your body is still losing weight (ie, you're seeing water wait fluxes etc), or that you're gaining weight (usually after you've had several weight gains in a row). I've been playing around with it just because it's kind of neat. I could see it being useful for when you hit a plateau and you're frustrated that the scale isn't moving, this'll help. I don't know if I recommend weighing in every day, but I know some people do and that's fine. So here's a nifty website for you! :)

Now if only I could get my lazy ass up and exercising more....


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