Friday, March 20, 2009


I got my computer parts! We actually ended up going Wednesday evening, just D and I. It was nice to get out of the house. It can be hard to get him moving sometimes to get going, part of his problem. But he was in a great mood, I was in a great mood, and Santa Fe is lovely at night. So we hit up Best Buy around 7pm after filling one of my tires with air (I still haven't replaced them, stupid Santa Fe Walmart doesn't have a tire center!). We got my new hard drive (500gig for 100 bucks! not too shabby really), and a dvd burner WITHOUT lightscribe technology, and a new decent sound card so I won't have to use my on board card thus eliminating the whole scratchy voice over vent problem I've been having. Also picked up a new video game just cuz, all in all I spent 250 bucks. When we get all this stuff in the only thing I won't have replaced is Ram and/or Motherboard lol. Ahh well, that'll be next year probably...

So I had an off day on Wednesday eating wise. Though I'm pretty proud of myself none the less. Wednesday afternoon I had this nice little lunch planned, chicken salad with green onion, and black olives a splash of dressing and a tiny bit of cheese. I had the salad already in a bowl waiting for me at home and when I got to work...SURPRISE! We're going out for lunch at the chinese buffet because a co-worker had a birthday and we need to do her birthday

So I managed to go through the buffet with ONLY getting 1 cup of beef and brocolli and one cup of rice and 2 small pieces of the chicken used for sweet and sour chicken. That's it! ALL I HAD! >.< I wasn't hungry so I had no real desire to go back for anything except I did go back for probably close to a cup of fresh red grapes. HOLY SHIT! I MADE IT THROUGH A BUFFET ON ONE PLATE THAT WASNT EVEN FULL! Can you believe it? I sure as hell couldn't.

Anyway, so I was really excited, I got home and asked D if he wanted to go to Santa Fe, was shocked he said ok on a work night. We went and got the stuff and it was getting late, both of us were starving. So he started to head off to taco bell but I diverted him to Wendy's. I couldn't think of much that Taco Bell had on their menu that would be even close to being a "good choice". At Wendy's I got a large chili a 5 piece nugget and a small fry. I had about 3/4 of the chili, 4 of the nuggets and not even half of the small fry I got. Probably not the best choice ever for food, but I rarely get to eat Wendy's but you can't go to Wendy's without having a couple of chicken nuggets! I should've just stole a couple of D's fry's instead of ordering a fry, but a new idea floated into my head.

I do not have to eat all that I order!

New idea! WOW! I don't have to eat everything I order if I get full before I've ate it all! WHAT A CONCEPT! I got full and still had 2 nuggets and a good half of my fries and I looked at it and was like...why do I feel like I HAVE to eat this food? There's no reason to eat it if I'm full, so...I grabbed one more nugget (they're so good!), picked up my try and pitched it. D kind of gave me that cock-eyed dog heard something look and when I asked what he said it was the first time since I moved here that he'd ever seen me throw away food off my plate. Ever. I've been here almost a year. He asked if I was feeling ok and I said yeah I just was full.

Quite interesting this is. Learn something new every day. I may even try this at home! lol. I've also started putting dinner away into the fridge as SOON as we get our plates. I'm less tempted to get more if I walk near an empty stove than if there's still food out waiting to be eaten I've noticed.

So that's been my week, how's yours been? Oh, and for the record, despite my eating on Wednesday, I'm still down to what weight I was when I was at the end of being sick, so I've still lost so far this week. :) And I haven't even exercised yet, that comes today and Sunday XD



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  1. Great job with the revelations!

    Taco Bell actually has a fresco menu, so you can eat there not too bad, actually. It just takes some planning.