Monday, April 27, 2009

On the down train again!

That's right, I hopped back up on the train heading south and I'm down out of the 260's this week to 259.7. How exciting! Bye bye 260's! That means that I lost 3.7 this week. Now to me that seems a bit high, I haven't had that high of a loss since I started. However, I think some of my "weight gain" from last week was because my food over the weekend was high in salt, so it was probably a little water retention and a little actual weight. I also did some working out over the weekend, I did a little walking one of the days, hand washed my car another day (it was so beautiful outside), did some running around walmart buying some things to make my house a little less cluttered, and then came home and half cleaned my house (yes my house was so gawd awful cluttered I only accomplished half this weekend). Most of my clutter is cd's and games. Oh the joy of trying to put all the games back away because D continually pulls them out and leaves them out. Someday I'll break him of that lol.

So I'm not far from my 10%. It seems like when I started all of this my 10% was sooo far away and now I'm within a couple of weeks of reaching it. I guess I better save my 130 dollars and make an appointment for my massage huh? :) I am so looking forward to it, it's a genuine japanese bathhouse that offers massages for 100 dollars for 1 hour, and for 30 more you get the VIP treatment where they focus for another half an hour on a problem spot, and then you get to use a private bath before you leave. So worth it! Never done it but it sounds like heaven on earth, and I have a spot in my neck that always seems to be bothering me. >.<



  1. congrats on your loss...YAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. keep going girl. very proud of you..

  3. Oooh, that massage sounds lovely! What a wonderful reward for hitting 10%. I am very near that myself and looking forward to a treat.

    Well-flippin-done on that awesome weight loss!