Monday, April 6, 2009

Another week gone by.

Another week has gone by, and no idea how I lost 1.6. I really didn't do anything especially different. Maybe the less eating out helped, while I haven't been gung-ho let's eat out, the week before last was a kind of odd week because I had the computer break which set me way behind on my homework, caused me to opt to bring home chinese rather than cook so that I could get the assignment done on time (which I did, barely, 30 more minutes and it would've been late).

I guess this week I just spent more time cooking dinner at home than I did anything. I didn't really do anything else different. So, I only have 2.4 more pounds to go before I'm at 260. Dropping below 260 will make me really happy. It'd put me really close to my 10%. I think some of the problem I'm running into is I'm not getting groceries on the weekends like I used to. It's like I get just enough to last a maybe 3 or 4 days on Friday and then I run out by Monday or Tuesday and have to go get more and the grocery store is always so very hectic after work, I hate shopping, but my freezer and fridge is too small to really have much in it. I so can't wait until we get a new place, here or Albuquerque lol. The whole economy size fridge and freezer is for the birds!

I've also realized something else. When I'm at my computer I get the munchies, or if I have something to eat that's too big (like last night, D brought home McDonalds on his way home and I hadn't ate yet so I went ahead and ate it...all of it, despite not wanting to because I didn't realize I was eating it, I was too focused on some other stuff going on on my computer), I tend to just eat it all or eat too fast and I'm like, wow it's gone but I'm still hungry.

Problem is, I have no where else to eat. We have no table (there's no room), and no coffee table to set anything on to eat on the couch. So the only real place to eat is my computer desk. I've gotta figure something out! >.<

I also wanted to throw a big CONGRATS out to my friends Ken and Robin who had their baby boy at 8:25 this morning. A strapping 6 pound 1 oz baby boy. Now to go down there soon and baby-nap him and give him lovin' and such in the next couple of weeks. Newborns are so cute! lol

Anyway, I'm going to get some stuff done here at work.


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  1. i find that i lose better when i get to eat at home, too! :)