Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The official weight

So I remembered to weigh myself this morning. I didn't drink enough water yesterday, I can tell that today. Feeling pretty dehydrated, and most of what I ate this weekend was probably loaded with salt. But regardless, I'm at 263.4 according to my scale (I didn't have time for the Wii fit body test, I was running behind. The scale is generally a tad higher but m'eh). So up 2.2 from last week.

Such is life, and I frankly am not worried. It's not even really a true "set back" because I knew going into the weekend my eating would NOT be on par. Yesterday I stuck true to my guns, I had a small piece of left-over steak from the night before and a salad for lunch. I ate spaghetti for dinner and had a frozen fruit thing I got from the store for dessert, though I'm not sure I'll eat any of the others. They're really sugary, and it tastes sugary. I was looking for something frozen that was sweet to ease sweet cravings I do get from time to time and happened across these and they sounded ok. But, I don't care for them, so I'll let D eat them. Or his daughter :)

So there you have it



  1. Bah, rotten scales - well done for getting back on track though. You will knock it off in no time.

  2. You'll get those pounds off next week and their little friends too..They'll take them for a party..And you'll be dancing too!

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