Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A long weekend.

You would think that a long weekend would mean more R&R for me....NOT! >.< I did get a little rest done on Friday. I worked on Friday for a little over an hour on some charting stuff that needed to get done, and then went home and basically relaxed. I really can't remember a lot of what I did Friday except that I did use my new EA Active. Saturday I got D to help me bring up the coffee table that Ken and Robin gave us a few weeks ago (shows you how often I use my back seat right?) so that I could have an empty car when I went to Albuquerque. I loaded my car with my laundry and off to Albuquerque I went with the intent of coming home Sunday.

Didn't happen.

I spent most of the afternoon Saturday with Ken and Robin and family at Chili's and doing some running around and such, setting Ken's computer back up so I could try a beta copy of Sims 3 (kinda neat) and then helping Robin pack a few things. Then on Sunday we went to Mike's house (another friend that lives in the area) for lunch (nachos, home made, not too bad I guess I tried to make my toppings be more of the veggies than the meat and cheese...) and were there from about 1pm till 9 or 10pm, drove back to Ken's house and I crashed there because my laundry wasn't done yet and so I couldn't just leave it there lol. Then Monday I helped them move a piano from inside the house to the garage so we could get some other stuff out (where it was positioned it basically blocked any large pieces from being moved from the bedrooms). Then I helped them clean out their garage of all the big stuff they were going to throw out and haul it to the dumpster they had delivered. Spent most of the day doing that until about 1 or 2pm then I decided it was best I be getting home considering I had a homework assignment to get done. Got home, did my homework, hauled some stuff upstairs from my car, think I fell asleep about midnight and got up this morning at 6:30.

Such a long long weekend and yet I got next to nothing I wanted to get accomplished done. :(

But, on the plus and very exciting side...I have a dishwasher! /cheer! Ken and Robin have one of those stand alone dish washers you can move around on wheels and I bought it off of them (since they won't need it) it's brand new. I hate doing dishes, especially in this apartment because there's only one sink so it's a pain to do the dishes. So I'm extremly excited to not have to do most of my dishes and it will make my life so much easier. I work long hours and after dinner I just don't feel like washing a load of dishes, so I'll rinse them off and they'll sit stacked in the sink for a day or two until I finally run out of dishes to use or something lol. It's awful I know but I'm just so tired after work and I have so much to do!

So this'll help. lol

Anyway back to work!


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