Monday, June 1, 2009


Yeah, so not doing well on the WL front, basically I've been lazy and I'll admit it, we've been eating out more than eating in (bad me!). Mostly because I've just been too lazy and tired to go to the store and get food and make food and do dishes and clean up and etc etc etc.

Well no more!

Putting my foot down again, I've gained enough back (I'm at 262 atm) and I'm just not going there anymore. I'm going to be honest because if I'm not honest and pretend like everything is fine nothing will change and I'll gain all of it back and be miserable again.

But, I got my dishwasher on Saturday and it makes my life so much easier. I was able to make dinner yesterday and put the dishes in the dishwasher and wash a couple days worth of dishes and put them away and not have to devote all evening to it. It's a pain in the ass in a way because I have to have D get between the fridge and the dishwasher and run the dishes because I'm too big (the handle of the fridge gets in the way), but at least they get done. So now with that I should have NO excuse to not cook dinner at home considering I will always have clean dishes! That's usually what stops me from doing dinner in the first place. Who wants to wash their dishes just to cook? lol.

Anyway enough excuses. I got paid today. I totally fucked up my checking account over the Memorial Day weekend. I didn't realize I accidently charged the two plane tickets my mom wanted to my account instead of hers....700 dollars gone out of my account. Thankfully my mom will send me a check tomorrow when she gets home. I need food in my house yo! I hate being so low on money....I'm way way under my little 1k bubble that I can dip into if necessary, I think I have about 300 left >.< Stupid accidental charges.

So I accomplished a lot this weekend. I lost 3 pounds (I was at 265 at the start of last week which frustrated me), I cleaned my house everywhere except the bedroom (hard to clean when your boyfriend is sleeping in there right?) and I managed to work on some other minor projects i've been wanting to get done but just haven't had the time nor gumption to get it done. So I'm proud of myself. We also ate at home all weekend which is a first in a while. Now tonight I just need to go to the store and get some basic food supplies to last me a couple of days and put my check in the bank. Homework galore to do too. Gonna be a busy night!


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