Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Going home....again

So, before I started this blog journey in January, I went home to Illinois for a funeral. My grandfather passed away the morning after Thanksgiving (so black friday had a double meeting in my family this past year), so my fat ass got woke up at 5am after a 2am nighter with some friends of mine to be told the news and to be told I needed to get said fat ass to Illinois pronto. So I did. I booked the next flight out of Albuqerque (at 6am the next morning mind you, my said friends I'd pulled the 2amer with weren't happy that I made them get up at 4:30 to drive my ass to the airport lol). I think it was then that I said FUCK IT I'M DONE! with being fat. I think it started gnawing on me then that I needed to lose weight, I just chose to not take action until January 9th. I had to get seatbelt extenders, on the flights, and the last flight that landed me home in ABQ I had to sit in a seat much to small for me and was completely uncomfortable despite the complete and utter lack of people on the plane.

So now I'm flying home again, albeit for better reasons. My mom is moving to Arizona and lucky me, my boyfriend and I get to drive her and the Uhaul. Honestly I'm actually looking forward to it, I"ll get to ride with D in the cab for most of it, and with my mom in the carwhen she needs a break from driving. I get the most information and fun out of D when he's driving because he's not focused on playing a video game for once :P But I digress. This said trip to Illinois involves every fat person's favorite time....a flight. So I'm hoping (I have 3 weeks) to lose a few pounds between now and then, and to see if I can manage to get through the flight without a belt extender. That would be heavenly. I hate having to ask for one. I really do. So maybe this trip looming ahead will get me out of the funk I've been in and get me into losing weight again since I'll want to impress all my family when I go back home, and be able to fit into some nice tank tops for the ride. I bought two and they fit but they're just a tad snug, tighter than I like to wear my shirts kthxbai!

As I posted earlier, I've stocked my kitchen with good for me stuff. I've been sticking to lean meats again, I'm going to be on a mission to make a food list and dinner menu for next week and buy and cook healthy good for me dinners again, and I need to figure out a good for me lunch. I bought some turkey lunch meat and had a sandwich for lunch with grapes today but it sure didn't seem to fill me up. So that's something to look at. But I left it at that. :)

Anyway so that's today's news reel. See ya back ... possibly tomorrow!



  1. Yeah, travel is generally a lot esier when lighter/healthier.

    3 weeks - you can do it!

  2. You CAN do it! I wish you the very best of success on your weight loss journey!