Sunday, November 28, 2010


I'm back!  Miss me much?  Prolly not I know >.<

Unpacked....partial check.
Stressed...?  Eh only a little bit more than my baseline.

I've been busy.  Love you all but when life gets busy everything gets put on hold.

So let's recap how my life has been this past...oh month that I've been gone.

You know I'm getting really good at this "not gaining not losing" business when life gets busy.  I'm concerned enough to eat well enough to not gain, but not concerned enough to exercise my heart out to lose.  Go figure.  You'll see why here in a sec.

We moved to our new place October 22nd.  Took us all day to unload and return the truck, another couple days to get the boxes in some semblence of order in order to start unpacking and I'm still unpacking....been a month gotta love it.  Mostly I'm left with stuff I don't know where the hell to put.  >.<  Our place is bigger than the one we had in Los Alamos.  In fact I think I have two bedrooms worth of space in my bedroom, I can walk around the bed freely, well I could if I didn't have some boxes of junk to throw away but that's another issue entirely.  So between moving and unpacking and such most of my weekends are taken up by that, and then I've had to help mom move.

Yes, she moved, back to Illinois (after I moved here for her go figure ugh).  She found out after we started ramping up to move that the bank sold the house out from under her to an investment firm and they wanted her out.  So she packed up and moved back to IL because she doesn't know if she can work and she doesn't have to pay rent where she's at right now living with my aunt and that was that.  I was against the whole idea but it's not my life, I can't really say much.  She left the 14th, just before thanksgiving. thanksgiving really sucked, more so because I had 30 bucks to my name and no thanksgiving meal stuff in the kitchen, in fact no real food in the kitchen at all save some random canned goods.  /sigh

Work has been pretty...non-eventful really.  I am loving the 10 minute drive instead of the hour and a half one way.  Been just doing a little bit of training, little bit of work, and a whole lot of yackin' with co-workers and trying to network.  And before you say wtf it's a state job, no work ever really gets done there.  lol.  I mean, we do our work and do it well, but the inbetween is a lot of talking about what's going on at the houses, and depending on what level you work on, they talk a lot about some staffing issues.  Luckily for me I'm the one bringing up some of these issues that are training related that need to be done (really a lot of staffing overhaul going on), and so I get to sit in on a lot of their discussions.  And the reason I say lucky for me is because this is what my degree is in, so I'm being involved in a lot of the administrative stuff and get to have my input, let's me seem like I'm worth promoting (I hope!).  Anyway...

This past weekend I got my brakes fixed, and found out my calipur was shot in the back so it cost me almost 300 bucks out of pocket to fix.  That is the direct reason why I had no thanksgiving dinner because I hadn't even bought groceries yet and had to fix it.  Ugh.  So...I bought a loaf of bread and some ramen.  I just keep telling myself it's only 4 more days until payday....

I'm sticking right around 260 and looking for some inspiration here peeps.  I need to get back on the bandwagon (for good dammit) and I don't want to be all "New Years resolution" type person either.  Nice thing is though with the lack of thanksgiving big get together I didn't gain any unnecessary weight from it rofl!  Now Christmas on the other hand....>.>

Anyway Until next time, it's time to help D finish up his homework.


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