Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy busy busy and needing some ideas!

So it's been damn near a month since I last posted.  I've been so busy I honestly didn't realize it'd been that long.  Let's recap a bit of what's been goin' on in my world lately shall we?

Weight loss front: I've not gained or lost really.  I've maintained within a pound up or pound down from my 260 weight.  I was 259 before I started working, and I'm at 261 as of this morning.  Sure I'm not losing but as hectic as my life has been, it's acceptable right now.  I've started walking again and swimming at night so I'm hoping to lose more here soon.  Adjusting to my new job and such has kind of thrown me off my game but I'm back so life is good.

Job front: Love my job.  I work for the state and that's awesome.  The benefits are freaking amazing.  I'm currently waiting for my medical card so I can get in to see a nutritionalist/weight loss specialist which, by the way is covered by my insurance as a "preventative" meaning I only pay a 10 dollar copay and they pay the rest.  Can't complain there! I'm sure I can lose weight on my own, but if I can get professional advise to help me out along the way there's no harm in doing so.  I don't want fad dieting, or anything, but ideas would be great. 

Commuting sucks though.  I'm eager to get my own place so I don't have to drive so flippin' far to work.  Right now my average commute is about an hour.  At least TO work.  On the way home there's no telling how long it'll take.  I am supposed to work 8 to 5 or 8 to 4:30 if I take a shorter lunch which would put me home between 5:30 and 6, but I seem to get home closer to 6 or 6:30 because of traffic.  I've also had some late nights for training reasons mostly.  I do get the perk of flexing out my overtime (well it's required but it's still a perk to me!) which means that I can leave early if I'm over a day previous or know I'll be over later that week.  So for example, last monday I had to leave work at 3 to get home before 5 to get my car from the shop (a whole different kind of long story there).  So I left at 3 and on Tuesday I knew I'd have to stay late and left on Tuesday at 5.  Then Wed and Thurs I left at 5:30 and 5 respectively so on Friday I had to leave by 1:30 to make up the difference since I come in at 7:30 every morning to beat traffic. 

My boss is very flexible, and she's already started teaching me things to help me get the experience I need to be able to fill her position when she retires (she's probably late 50's early 60's) as she knows I'm interested in moving up over time and that I have the background and education to go far she's said.  I'm not going to complain. 

So my days have basically consisted of waking up at 5am, getting my shower, getting dressed, grabbing breakfast and leaving for work by no later than 6:30.  Dropping the kids off at school on my way because I drive right by their school and then getting to work around 7:30.  I work from 7:30 until either 4 or 4:30, or later depending on if it's a late night or not, and then drive back home, eat dinner, relax and go to bed.  I've started throwing in a late evening walk lately with my mom.  Unfortunately though because of all the pain she's in it takes us almost an hour to walk what would normally take me 20 minutes to walk.  I'm hoping she is able to work up to where I was before so I can get in some good long walks again.  Maybe I'll just start getting on the treadmills in the morning before I shower and eat.  I get up at 5 not because I need an hour and a half to get ready but because I like to wake up a little before I have to drive in the crazy traffic.  So maybe by getting on the treadmill every morning I can wake up a little faster. Who knows, we'll see.  It's a will power thing, and I'm a little low on the willpower this past month when it comes to getting in exercise, I'm just so tired!

Other weight loss info: I've signed up for a 3 mile walkathon for breast cancer for November.  I can't remember the date, which I'm hoping will help me to get my ass off the damn chair and more walking in order to facilitate this said 3 mile walk.  I don't have any donation information at this point, I'm still waiting for my finalized paperwork saying I'm golden to join, once I have that I'll post more info.  I am also in need of a new weight loss goal for my 10%.  I've left my 10% from my first weight loss journey as my first goal, and I'm not far from it, only about 4 pounds give or take. But I have no real goal.  I'd originally wanted to go to this awesome japanese style massage parlor in Santa Fe but obviously that's no long a realistic goal.  It's too far away now, not driving over 8 hours for a massage sorry!  lol.  I can't say Oh I'll go get a pedicure or something like that because frankly I do a pedicure every month.  If I didn't my feet would be so cracked and such I wouldn't be able to walk.  I tried to not do pedicures last time I was unemployed for a length of time and I was in so much pain, ugh.  Needless to say my once a month pedicure has stayed...and i'm due for one soon now that I'm thinking about it...anyway...

So I'm wondering if anyone has ideas for a good reward.  And this is a big thing for me, I've never lost 10% of anything but my savings account stash lol.  I'd buy a new video game but that's a big counter productive to getting me to move  So anyway ideas welcome!

That's pretty much what's going on in a nutshell.  Busy with work, looking for an apartment, trying to eat healthy and lose weight but at least I'm maintaining.  I'll try to post more as I get a chance.  I've not fallen off the face of the earth, I promise!  :)

Until next time.


  1. Holy crap I need a nap just reading about your life!!!!!

    I hope the nutritionist helps you. I've seen two. One was great, the other I knew more than she did! Go figure. I believe it's about balance. We need it all, not just one food group or the other. That's just my opinion of course. It's why I like Weight Watchers.

    I don't have any reward ideas...seems a lot of us are asking that question lately. I can't wait to start getting my hand written recipes in the mail! I'll let you know when you're up. My email is

  2. Yeah that's how I feel when I think about my life, and yet this busy-ness is mild compared to my undergrad years lol.

    It's hard to come up with a reward that feels rewarding enough sometimes. It's like your mother asking you what you want for Christmas as an adult. I'm always stumped like uhhhhh no clue! Why? Because I'm an adult and usually if I want something, I buy it! And going out to eat, which is usually a congrats type thing in my family kind of defeats the purpose right? ^.^

    But yeah lemme know and I'll send off a little carepackage for ya.