Wednesday, July 15, 2009


No, I haven't lost any more weight (though I did gain some and lose some again, see below), but I did have a huge huge non-scale victory this past week. I mentioned before that I was going to be flying to Illinois to pick my mom and the kids and her Uhaul up and drive them all cross country to Apache Junction, AZ so they could move there. I was really kind of apprehensive about the flying because I hate, detest and otherwise loathe flying as a large woman. Well, since I really hadn't lost much weight since my last weigh in (I've been hovering around 260 give or take a pound or two), I asked for a seatbelt extender as I got on. I had the seat next to the window and D had the middle seat and some lady who was the mom to the really really annoying child in seat directly behind me that kept kicking my chair and hitting his window with the empty water bottle he had. Well I sat down and tried to put my seatbelt on and IT FIT. Sure I had to have it as large as possible to make it fit, but it fit, and fit comfortably at that spot. I probably could've made it smaller but m'eh.

Then on the ride, we spent so much time in the truck, and I managed to go the whole way without feeling like I was taking up a ton of room in the truck, or squishing my cousin (accidently there were a couple of times when we squished her between us in playing).

Now, the road trip was a disaster diet wise. I gained about 5 pounds (was at 265 Monday). But today I'm back down to 261 from eating right again. Now I just need to start drinking more water. :) I still struggle with the 4 water bottles a day. Not because I'm drinking other things just I don't have enough time in the day! lol.

Anyway so I gotta end it here, gots me some work to do, just thought I'd do an update :)



  1. Glad to see you posting again. :)

  2. Congrats at the weight loss. I've just started to read your blog and I definitely can relate to you. I have try several diet but now I just want to eat right and exercise. I need to lose 117# to get to my goal weight. I see you as inspiration!!! I just start my own blog so hopefully it helps.